Landlord and Tenant

Dealing with tenants is personal. As a good landlord, you want to ensure your tenants have a safe and clean place to live while safeguarding against any late payment of rent or behaviour issues.

Timing is crucial and I can prepare all the necessary forms and serve them to your tenants personally.  All forms included specific dates and timelines. Since the LTB (Landlord and Tenant Board) only comes to Brantford, once every 3 weeks, missing a date (or having incorrect documentation) can cause a 3 week delay and another month of lost rent. It is quite common that by the time tenant issues become serious, Landlords tend to shy away from having any dealings with their tenants. Some property owners just give up.

My job as a paralegal is not to give up and I will handle the entire process from start to finish. There are never any guarantees; however by following the process,  a Landlord has a much better chance.

Small Claims Court

Often you may feel yourself unjustly forced into allowing a customer whom you have provided a service to the luxury of not paying an overdue account or invoice. You tell yourself it's too expensive to sue in Small Claims Court -  without really knowing the cost.

Maybe you have tenants who have failed to fulfil their obligation to pay utilities and you have been forced now to put them in your name.  Or perhaps you did not proceed with rent arrears while the tenant lived in the rental unit:  you are just thrilled they finally left.  The Landlord and Tenant board (LTB) does not have jurisdiction to hear those cases, but you can pursue in them in Small Claims court.

Commissioner of Oaths

On occasion, you may need to have your signature witnessed on a legal document or court affidavit.  In some cases, this can be done by a Commissioner of Oaths.  Or perhaps, you are planning a trip with your children and with some destinations, a Consent Letter is required.  A consent letter demonstrates that children who travel alone, with only one parent/guardian, friends, relatives or a group (e.g. sports, school, musical, religious) have permission to travel abroad from every parent (or guardian) who is not accompanying them on the trip. Clients can swear an oath before a paralegal (such as myself) that confirms your identity and verifies your signature on a document, affidavit or declaration.